Treatment Options

Physical Therapy:

Real Rehab Izette Swan, PT

The Next Step Karen Calara, MSPT

Orthopedic/Sports Physical Therapy and Sports Performance, Erik Moen, PT, CSCS

Velocity Physiotherapy, Henry Lu, PT, ATC

Stretch Physical Therapy Gene Kopyt



Westlake Wellness: Tami Hansen, L.Ac. 206-286-1767

Dragonfly Holistic Healing, David Lerner, L.Ac.

D'Vorah Levy, L.Ac., Ben Dorfman, E.A.M.P.

Massage Therapy: IN HOUSE

Mike Larios, LMP

Rina Lang, LMP

Cedar Sol. LMP

Eva Strickland, LMP

Bobbie Telles, LMP

Vincenzo Lalli, LMP

Susan Shrewsbury, LMP

Physiatrist/Physical Medicine:

Puget Sound Sports and Spine Physicians, PS, Christopher Standaert, MD

Seattle Spine and Rehab Medicine, Richard Seroussi, MD & Benjamin Snyder, MD

Steven H. Leifheit, D.O. 4746 44th Ave SW # 204, Seattle, WA 98116-4476 (206) 935-2722 () ‎

David Musnick, MD 1300 114th Ave SE # 105, Bellevue, WA 98004-6958 (425) 462-7325 () ‎


Northwest Hospital & Medical Center, Joanne Gormley, DPM

Puget Sound Foot and Ankle Center, Robert Wendel


Adler Giersch, Richard Adler

Graham Lundberg & Peschel, Scott Lundberg

Peick & Associates, PS, John Peick

Daniel Whitmore: 206-329-8400

The Tucker Law Firm


Orthopaedics International, Ltd., P.S., Paul Schwaegler, MD

Orthopedic Physician Associates, Jeff Garr, MD & Lawrence Holland, MD

Northwest Hospital & Medical Center, Mitchel Storey, DO


One Sky Medicine, Christine Adams, MD

Seattle Healing Arts, Dean Chier, MD, Takla Gardey, MD, Fernando Vega, MD

Swedish Physicians, Gary Schuster, MD

Seattle Hand Surgery

Pacific Medical Centers, Andrew Dym, MD & Martha Ways, MD


Evergreen Center for Integrative Medicine, Paris Preston, ND, Bobbi Lutack, ND

Institute of Complementary Medicine, PLLC, Eileen Stretch, ND


Puget Sound Neurology

Spine Surgeons:

David Hanscom MD or John Hsiang MD Seattle Neuroscience Institute

550 17th Avenue Suite 500, Seattle, WA 98122 Phone: (206) 320-2800 FAX: (206) 320-2827

Alexis FalicovMD, PhD OPA Ortho 601 Broadway,

Suite 600, Seattle, WA 98122 Phone: (206) 386-2600 FAX: (206) 622-1644

Jay Williams MD OPA Ortho 601 Broadway, Seattle, WA 98122 Phone: (206) 386-2600 FAX: (206) 622-1644

Cognitive Screening & Therapy

Kara Baringer Speech Pathologist NW Hospital-Speech Language Services

1550 No.115th Street, Seattle, WA 98133 Phone: (206) 368-1848 FAX: (206) 368-1399


Jeffrey Shaw Psy.D

1611 116th Ave. NE, Ste. 128, Bellevue, WA 98004 Phone: (206) 915-9025 FAX: (425) 899-3114

Piyale Comert PhD 4510 Thackeray Place NE, Seattle, WA 98105 Phone: (206) 632-3268 FAX: (206) 545-9223

David White PhD 150 Nickerson St, Suite 104, Seattle, WA 98109-1634 Phone: (206) 282-2065 FAX: (206) 282-2449